Red & White Check Katran Lampshade

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W:30cm D:30cm H:25cm

A chequered Katran lampshade with a retro shape and design. Liven up your lighting with this shade; the deep red checks contrast beautifully with the off white checks. The inside is painted white to ensure your space is brightly lit. 

Katran is a 100% bio-degradable material that has been developed by our supplier in Jaipur, India. Katran is handmade by upcycling waste cotton fabric from the fashion industry. Off-cuts are sorted and then ground down and refined. This is then mixed into a cotton pulp which can then be hand sculpted into shape. Creations are then dried, painted and finished to become sustainable, textured, lightweight pieces.

Please note: this lampshade does not have any electrical components included.

These pieces are handmade and so there may slight variations in size, detail and colour.

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