Fair Trade & Ethical Sourcing

Every Myakka product you choose is useful, beautiful, dependable and enduring. That way, fair trade is neither a charity nor a compromise but a real delight you’ll be proud to welcome into your home. Between Myakka and our main suppliers in India, Vietnam and Thailand, we negotiate fair and proper prices and we pay for our furniture as each shipment sets sail. No waiting, no cash flow issues, no financial juggling. We’ve been working together for years now, and the way we work means we’re a big part of the progress and growth.

Myakka’s success brings more jobs, more trade and more financial stability not just for the company but for the families and community it supports. Their smaller subcontractors thrive too. For example, through growing trade, one has been able to buy the land that its workshops are on. We see it all happening when we visit twice a year and we celebrate all these continuous developments. We’re proud to be part of what’s being achieved in every department, especially for the people we’ve come to know so well.

Sourcing sustainable timber

All our high quality furniture is a friend for life, made from richly grained sheesham, mango, monkey pod and reclaimed pine. These fast growing woods are sourced for us from government-managed, sustainable plantations in India, Thailand, Vietnam and beyond. The beautiful wood is kiln dried to stabilise its properties before being waxed by hand to protect and deepen the lustre of the grain. Where required, we may use small quantities of MDF, for example in some drawer bases or backs of units. Where this is the case, all the MDF is CARB Certified. This material is made of recycled industrial waste and conforms to EU Regulations.

Sheesham plantation project

While the timber supply comes from Government managed sources, we’re keen to go a step further and plant additional sheesham to secure supply well into the future. Since 2014, we’ve been working to establish a sheesham replanting programme and have planted more than 15,000 saplings. A truly grassroots project involving a handful of dedicated individuals, a group of 15 farmers in the state of Haryana and a lot of combined effort. Watch this space for more updates as this brilliant project grows...

Impact on our planet

Every operation has an impact on the environment and we work to minimise our footprint as far as we can. At Myakka, we have identified our key areas of impact on our planet as the use of timber in the production of furniture, raw materials in the production of soft furnishings, and CO2 emissions from transporting our products. Additionally, we are committed to importing by sea, not air, and this has considerable benefits for the planet in terms of reduced emissions. We also commit to recycling and minimising resources used in our direct mail, packaging and warehousing.

Community matters

SKSN School & Indiability Foundation

Based in Jodhpur, SKSN is a school for physically challenged children, which now sits under the umbrella of the Indiability Foundation. The school exists to advance the integration of physically challenged people across India. Since our involvement with the school our donations have contributed towards, amongst other things: training and support in traditional needlecraft skills; the running costs of the dairy to provide children with essential milk and yoghurt daily; clothing, medicine and equipment for the limb workshop; materials to build new desks and benches; stationery and support for the Vocational Training Centre.

Moreover, we continue to commission new ranges of cushions and soft furnishings designed and made at the centre, for sale in the UK exclusively through us. This enables the community to learn valuable needlecraft skills for their future independence and trade. Over the years of our support, we have assisted with more than £73,000 in donations and we look forward to continuing with more in the future. Visit Indiability Foundation.

Somerset Community Foundation

This charitable foundation works to promote vibrant, inclusive communities in Somerset through developing a culture of local giving. We value our local community and as such have set up the Myakka Grassroots Fund, under the umbrella of the SCF, which is specifically aimed at supporting projects benefitting children and families within the South Somerset area. In the years 2016/17 we have donated £2,000 to two projects: The Growing Space, a Somerset charity that helps individuals and families develop social skills through gardening activities in a safe and secure environment, and the Bayford Mission Society for which our donation helped renovate a community facility. Visit Somerset Community Foundation

Carymoor Environmental Trust

We are proud to be involved in this exciting project close to our Head Office in Somerset.  The centre is developing a local landfill site into a nature reserve that benefits local wildlife as well as being an education hub within the community. Visit Carymoor Environmental Trust

Vidhyashram School

This school in Jodhpur is supported by our philanthropic supplier and indirectly by years of dependable trade with Myakka. The involvement is not just financial but as Chairman and Secretary, our suppliers are heavily involved in assisting with the day-to-day management and wider strategy of the school ensuring its future development. Visit Vidyashram School.


A new partnership initiated in 2018, we're proud to be a RAINMAKER working with this safe water and sanitation charity.  Also based in the beautiful South West, FRANK Water aims to bring safe drinking water to the 663 million people worldwide who still don’t have access to it. The charity works on a number of programmes all with one aim; to provide access to clean drinking water and sanitation in villages throughout India and Nepal. Visit FRANK Water.

"Really great service and fast delivery. I’ve bought quite a few things from Myakka and have never been disappointed." Samara from Sutton

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