Embroidered Patchwork Stag Wall Plaque

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The embroidered patchwork stag wall plaque is made from a range of vintage fabric. Each one is different but this adds to the charm of this beautiful piece.

Measurements: W:21cm D:20cm H:37cm

Maker Profile:

This company has a dedicated team of 60 employees, including 18 factory workers and 42 home workers. They provide their workers with tea, and if they work overtime they get a meal. They are also offered a personal loan if required. The products are 100% handcrafted in a traditional manner, which now only remains a skill in Indore, India, where these products are made. The company is proud of having such a dedicated workforce and each employee receives an extra months salary as a bonus during Diwali festival time. They dream to one day sell their products all over the world.

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Wipe with a clean cloth

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