Surin Elephant Ride Table

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W:43cm D:34cm H:38cm

The pride of Surin masterpieces, this endearing elephant is entirely hand carved from a single piece of monkey pod wood, every detail lovingly smoothed and the softened by the gloss of hand waxing. As obliging as it's totem, the round-top design makes a harmonious coffee table, a decorative lamp stand or, loveliest of all, it lets you put your feet up with a friend who never forgets.

Each Surin product is produced using an ethical approach to trading by supporting small, family run manufacturers and artisans in Thailand on a fair trade basis. Due to the nature of the product, the colour, grain and detail of the wood will vary adding to the unique charm. For more information please click on the Monkey Pod wood link below.

100% Monkey Pod wood with a hand waxed finish.

Fair trade furniture imported directly from Thailand.


As this Surin Elephant Ride Table is hand waxed, we would recommend the use of coasters and mats to protect the wood from blooms caused by hot or wet items. In case of colour transfer, please also take care not to sit the product directly on light coloured carpet. We recommend this item for interior use only and would advise to avoid direct sunlight which may cause the solid wood to develop cracks.

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