Morellow Recycled Panja Rug

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Mellow? More yellow? Morello? A beautiful handwoven rug that is an amalgamation of colour, pattern and skill and is so visually gorgeous it has had its own word invented especially to describe it! This flat weave is a method that has been used for floor coverings in India for time immemorial and is recycled rags, known as dhurrie or panja. This rug typifies the manufacturer’s ethos and is a mash-up of beauty, natural autumnal hues and artisan skill, or in their own words it's “Morellow”.

Maker Profile:

The supplier who makes this rug employs nearly two hundred people, men and women, who use ancient techniques like the above on handlooms and also make amazing creations using the time-consuming method of hand-tufting. Employees receive benefits such as Provident Fund pensions and employee insurance. The company also supports the Indian blood bank. Products such as this rug are made using collected recycled fabric and then they also recycle any leftover fabrics, therefore they have a very small carbon footprint. The company are proud of their “management co-ordination, fair judgement and team spirit”.

Why we love this product!

  • Handwoven
  • Fair Trade
  • A natural autumnal palette
  • Artisan skill
  • Beautiful

Measurements: 120cm x 180cm

Flying carpets are fun in story books, but not at home so we recommend using an anti-slip underlay with this rug to keep it firmly on the ground.

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