Bodhi Bouquet with Natural Vase Lamp

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 Wonderful flower vase lighting to fill any room in the house with unique light. These beautiful flower bouquets are hand crafted using real Bodhi (Banyan) tree leaves, okra plants, palm and rubber tree leaves and the vases are made using natural rattan. Bulbs are embedded in a choice of wither orange and purple flowers or pink, purple and white flowers

The flowers are real skeletonized leaves and treated okra plants. A mist spray of water onto the leaves (not down into the bulb) before use will perfectly revive leaves to their original shapes, all completely naturally. How? The fresh leaves are handpicked and soaked for a month in clean water (which is regularly changed) to decompose naturally. This natural process retains the string leaf structure. Next the skeleton leaves are dried in the shade for a few days, dyed in many colours and dried again, before being dipped in a fire retardant solution. Finally the skeleton leaves are ready for crafting into string & bouquet flowers.

Measurements - H:100cm

All lighting meets Standard UK Electrics - CE & Kite mark standard, PAT tested.

Includes non-changeable 4.8W LED bulbs

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